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Bootmii verify failed/failure

Posted by Downloader 
Bootmii verify failed/failure
April 14, 2011 05:14PM
Im currently trying to backup the nand, but during the bootmii backup, I get uncorrectable pages and factory bad blocks (5 in total). When it goes to the verification process, two of the bad blocks failed to verify, and I ended up with "verified with two failed blocks". I have tried almost everything but still get the same errors:

Verify failed for block xxx
verify failure for block xxx
Verify failed for block yyy
verify failure for block yyy
verify failed for 2 blocks.

Different SD cards
Reformat SD cards
Format System Memory

Would appreciate any help at all.
Re: Bootmii verify failed/failure
April 15, 2011 01:14AM
See here. I think this is what you're referring to.
BootMii FAQ
What does 'WARNING: ECC failure at page XXX' in the installer log mean?
Nothing, it's normal; it's just there for diagnostic purposes.
BootMii FAQ
Why do I have all of these "bad blocks"? Can I fix them?
This is completely normal; in order to bring down the price of NAND flash chips, all manufacturers will allow chips to leave the factory with a small number of bad blocks. It's similar to bad pixels in LCD panels -- it would be too expensive to throw away the whole panel (or in this case, the whole chip) due to a few bad pixels. With NAND flash, software usually remaps these blocks so you don't even notice, but BootMii works at the lowest level possible so we have to take these into consideration when writing our code. There are 4096 blocks; according to the flash chip manufacturer, at least 4016 blocks are valid (in other words, up to 80 blocks may be bad).
Re: Bootmii verify failed/failure
April 16, 2011 03:36AM
But somehow verification of the nand backup fails? Isnt that quite worrying? I realise that having bad blocks are fine, but from the backups ive made on other wiis, all seem to pass the verification stage.
Re: Bootmii verify failed/failure
April 17, 2011 12:46AM
First off: are you absolutely sure the bootmii files on your SD card are up to date? Run the hackmii installer and use the "Prepare an SD card" option. It's possible to end up with different versions if you used different SD cards when updating bootmii. Check the information screen and report what version numbers are shown for "Bootmii", "Stub" and "Mini".
Secondly: bad blocks don't contain any usable data, so it doesn't really matter if they failed to verify. The dump should still be fine.
Re: Bootmii verify failed/failure
May 09, 2011 11:09PM
Exactly the same issue here, Downloader.
Any clues?
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