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OGRE Port?

Posted by bernerbrau 
OGRE Port?
July 22, 2010 11:05PM
I've noticed that a major complaint is that the homebrew gaming community is missing a good, solid 3D engine. I have some OpenGL and 3D programming experience as well as some experience writing C/C++ code with DevKitPro, and I'm just curious if there's any interest in, or existing work on, a port of OGRE, which could help fill the current void of good 3D homebrew wii apps given the wide variety of OGRE-based games already written. I'm going to be having a couple weeks off work next month, and I thought this might be an interesting project to spend my free time on.

If there's an existing project I'd be happy to contribute some of my time, or I could look into grabbing the source and trying to get it to compile and run with some basic features implemented.

Incidentally and somewhat off topic, does anyone know of any documentation of the GX library other than the libogc doxygen on the devkitpro site?

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Re: OGRE Port?
July 23, 2010 01:31AM
See - [forum.wiibrew.org]

I think someone started but it faded out.
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