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A mean prank app.

Posted by Alonguy 
A mean prank app.
December 06, 2010 04:49AM
Okay, if anyone here's played the RPG maker 2k3 game, Yume Nikki,
you probably know about Uboa.
Basically, he appears in a certain room 1 out of 64 times when you turn
the lights off, thus scaring the crap out of someone who does it by accident.

Well, I had an idea for a homebrew app based on my friend's fear of Uboa.
How about an Uboa app that gets launched before the system menu. (Maybe using Priiloader or something.)
It does a 0-63 random chance, and if it hits a certain number, when you turn on your Wii, Uboa's face appears,
and it plays his scary music.

If not, then it launches the system menu without anyone noticing it's there.

I was also thinking maybe it could respond to the power/reset buttons by playing
"error" sounds, and flashing the screen again. (Like it does ingame when you try to leave,
or flip the switch again.)

Also, it takes maybe 2 mins to end. Also, since my friend likes to stay up late, maybe make him only appear between 12 am - 6 am. (Evil, I know.) Most likely the person will panic, try to turn off thier Wii by only tapping the buttons, then unplug it or something.

I would have started already, but I have 2 questions.
One - How do you launch the system menu with the health and safety screen? (As if you just started it.)
Two - How do you access and override the actions of the power/reset buttons?

Thanks for any feedback.

EDIT: LOL, I forgot to check the "No Piracy" box. Made me laugh.

EDIT Again:
I think I should include a video for those who don't know about Uboa.
Check it out.

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Re: A mean prank app.
December 06, 2010 06:47AM
Seems that if you were to install Pre(Prii)loader and use the hacks to make a black screen appear at bootup, that would be enough to make some tears be shed...
Re: A mean prank app.
December 06, 2010 08:41AM
No, it's not about tears. It's about scaring people as a prank.
It doesn't happen 'till way after you leave the person's house.
(In my case, after installing homebrew stuff for them.)
You just slip in the .dol to boot instead of the system menu,
and 63 times out of 64, it'll look like absolutely nothing.
Just a normal bootup. Maybe a slight delay, but not very noticeable.
Get what I want to do? It's about scaring someone, making them think their Wii's possesed
or something.
Re: A mean prank app.
December 06, 2010 10:05PM
Should be "easy" for a vaguely experienced coder, but many of them have better things to do :P maybe one of them will do it though, it shouldn't take an uber l337 coder for this.
Re: A mean prank app.
December 06, 2010 11:45PM
IIRC, an application must use HW_AHBPROT to access the power and reset buttons, so having it respond to those button presses is not reasonably possible at this time. Otherwise, it should be quite easy to implement. If I have time, I might look into this next week, but I can't make any promises.
Re: A mean prank app.
December 07, 2010 03:35PM
Wait a second! I think I gave the wrong idea. I wanna code it myself.
I was asking for feedback on the idea/how to launch the system menu (as if you just started the Wii, too!)
It wasn't an app request, I'm a decent coder. (I've even experimented with trying to port Irrlicht to Wii...)
I just wanted feedback. That's all.
I'm not sure if I'll make it video based or sprite based yet.
I might even use Blender for rendering effects!
(Like the background.)
Re: A mean prank app.
December 07, 2010 04:42PM
For starting System Menu, launch the title "0000000100000002" (e.g., perhaps with ES_LaunchTitle, a function included in libogc)
Re: A mean prank app.
December 07, 2010 11:47PM
Hmm... will it display the "Health and Safety" screen?
I'll check it out.
Thanks for the help.
Re: A mean prank app.
December 08, 2010 07:32PM
who says you need to use ahbprot to read the power buttons? you have IOS for that. theres been functions for this stuff in libogc for a while now.
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