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[REQ] Vectrex emulator???

Posted by oldskooler 
Re: [REQ] Vectrex emulator???
June 02, 2011 01:06AM
Overlays work as long as they are PNGs. You are very welcome to turn those TGAs onto PNGs :).

I switched to GRRLIB. I could not figure some GX things out (I had never used openGL, GX or anything like that directly) and GRRLIB leaves input alone. I wanted to learn some GX but it was slowing things a lot.

I'm not precompiling roms into the binary anymore (other than the minestorm one which was on the vectrex itself), they're read from the SD now. I did this so people were able to load homebrew roms.

Joystick support has been implemented but buttons/input configurations are still lacking.

I expect development to be much faster now that I have given up on GX.
Re: [REQ] Vectrex emulator???
June 06, 2011 05:19AM
Sweet, I've made up some overlays for the ones I couldn't find - hopefully they'll look as good as the originals. :)

The entire collection of overlays is here: [www.mediafire.com]

That's a good idea about the roms, by doing it that way does that mean the rom and the overlay will be stored on the SD card?
This could allow for editing/tweaking the png's (if needed) without them having to be put back in the source.

Also, after using this emu for a while I have noticed a couple of minor issues that I hope aren't too difficult to fix.

Firstly, the overall aspect ratio of the screen looks a little bit off. Almost like it's stretched horizontally.

|................| <- orignal vectrex screen

|........................| <- how it appears on my tv

Sorry for the really poor ascii art, I couldn't think of an easier way to describe it. lol

And in the game Cosmic Chasm, a map is displayed with a flashing dot to indicate the players location, but it is not working on this version. The map displays fine but there is no flashing indicator.

Here's is a video of how it should look - [www.youtube.com]
Skip to 0:16 - 0:22 to see the map - in this example the flashing indicator is at the bottom right of the screen.

I figured the aspect ratio might just be an easy fix (???) but I really have no idea with regards to the map screen (I'll let you, the expert guru decide on that one) lol

Re: [REQ] Vectrex emulator???
June 09, 2011 01:49AM
Is the indicator you mentioned displayed if you run that ROM at your PC? I did not try it but it's a weird problem... I won't be able to fix it anyways. I'm not an expert nor a guru but finding why that specific indicator is being ignored by the emulator would need very specific vectrex knowledge which I doubt many people have nowadays.

The aspect radio should not be a major problem. Most of the features (I'm lost with the sound, haha) we have talked about are trivial to code but I'm finding less time than expected.
Re: [REQ] Vectrex emulator???
June 09, 2011 06:13AM
Sorry, I didn't even think to test it on my PC but yeah I just tried it and it's the same as the wii - no indicator can be seen. It doesn't really matter though, it's not like it makes the game unplayable....just a bit more tricky. lol :)
Re: [REQ] Vectrex emulator???
June 13, 2011 12:34AM
Guys I have just read this thred and im amazed you guys want a vectrex emulator for wii like me. how much is don on this. can i get a beta
I so want to play space war or others i remember as a kid. If there is any one out there who has space war vectrex game playing on the wii please up it to me......... Im just glad someone is even considering it. Ive seen it run on pc and the wii is power pc should be a doable thing? How far are you guys.!!!


Re: [REQ] Vectrex emulator???
June 15, 2011 12:56AM
There's a link to a build in an earlier post. Since the emulator is GUI-less that's what is left to code (the interface where the user can set things up). I have not worked on this for a week now... but that's how homebrew work since it's done in some of our free time.

I forgot to thank you for the overlays, oldskooler. Thanks.
Re: [REQ] Vectrex emulator???
June 18, 2011 06:06AM
@ Aruskano - No problem mate, I hope they're are suitable for the job.

@ BigGman1 - It's good to see some extra interest in this project, as mentioned previously the only version that's been released so far is on the first page of this thread.....and Space Wars runs perfectly on it. On this version however, the game is called Star Trek but it is exactly the same. (for some reason, back in the day they released this game with a different name for different regions)
Re: [REQ] Vectrex emulator???
June 18, 2011 08:58AM
Here's the second release: [www.mediafire.com]

It is not much better than the first one... the changelist is something like this:
-Improved main menu (more on this at the bottom).
-ROMs are not appended anymore. The ROM that is still there is Minestorm which was built in the original Vectrex and is still here at the "Vectrex". ;D
-ROMs are sought in both SD and USB. The emulator will seek a folder named "vec" (I have plans to make this configurable but it is currently hardcoded) at the root of both devices and will display any file with the ".vec" (case insensitive) extension as an option to load.
-You are able to return to the main menu once the emulation has started so you can load another ROM without returning to the homebrew channel.
-Gamecube controller support because it has a stick... I don't have any wiimote peripheral at the moment and that's why I did not bother to write that (kinda selfish I know hahaha), I will wait to have them to do the proper tests (also I'd like to write the button mapping code first, which involves more user interface work 8-) ).

The main menu works as follows: There are 4 options: The first one starts the emulation. The second one lets you choose your "cartridge" which can be your SD or USB (or NA if you want to play the built in ROM). The third option lets you set your joystick, which can be a Wii or GC (the program only cares about channel/port 1 respectively) and will be the controller that will be listened to during the emulation (both are able to return to the main menu by pressing HOME/START respectively). Lastly, you can return to the homebrew channel.

Any button will trigger the selected option except for the PADs, HOME and START. If you have ROMs in both USB and SD "Cartridge" will scroll to the first option when the last one is reached and you press a button again. HOME and START will automatically put the cursor at the "Exit" option, if it is already there the program will quit. You move the cursor by pressing UP/DOWN. You browse through the ROMs (whose names are shown at the bottom of the screen) in the current "Cartridge" with LEFT/RIGHT (Wiimote held horizontally).

I guess that's all I can say about this not so wonderful update. There's more to come. Overlays make the games look much better (I did not think that little thing would cause such a visual improvement). That glow effect looks really nice but I need to write a suitable blur function so it doesn't make the emulation run slow as it is doing right now. Lines could be drawn thicker if wanted [I just remembered I updloaded a version with weird vectors/points width (I made them look thicker in a ugly way)]. Button mapping and other controllers support will be added.

Overlays did not make it to this release because they did not fit exactly (they almost did... it should be a scaling problem) to the image and I have to find why, the other features need to be optimized and a user interface needs to be written (there will be an "in-game" menu that will pop up when you "pause" the game instead of directly sending you to the main menu).

PS: Can anybody reading this make a wikipage for this? This is your community! Help it grow (: lol
Re: [REQ] Vectrex emulator???
June 19, 2011 06:45PM

I actually ported the same emu to JavaScript/HTML5 some time ago (requires Chrome, the latest Firefox (4.0), or Safari).


The reason I am posting is that I created transparent overlays for all of the games. Feel free to use them if they work for you, they will probably need some resizing.

Also, there were a couple bugs in the emulator that I had to fix (thanks to tips from Parabellum), namely a freeze on MineStorm, issues with Bedlam starting a second game, and Polar Rescue not working as it should. You can find details about those here (let me know if you need specific details on them):


Good luck on the port.


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Re: [REQ] Vectrex emulator???
June 20, 2011 12:42AM
Very kind of you to post this. I'll have those in mind. Thank you.

Your emulator is wonderful, JS/HTML5 is still amazing me and it is because of such applications.
Re: [REQ] Vectrex emulator???
June 25, 2011 08:19PM
Is there a way to change the roms options like space war had a 2 player version and gravity sun and no sun? Just was wondering.

nevermind figured it out. now more importsntly is there a way to slow down frame rate or something to get the glitchy ness out.
Great job by the way so far.

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Re: [REQ] Vectrex emulator???
June 29, 2011 02:19AM
I did not get your earlier statement and that's why I did not answer (have not played those games).
Multiplayer is not supported yet - in case that was a question.
There's no way to slow down the framerate either but I did not get why you want this, could you explain further?

Edit: Version 0.3 released. There's plenty of visual upgrades/customisations on this version! I will not work on this for the next 10 days.

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Re: [REQ] Vectrex emulator???
July 02, 2011 04:37AM
It seems to be jumpy and fast on the graphics. Im gonna try a different monitor and see if its that.
Re: [REQ] Vectrex emulator???
July 11, 2011 09:12AM
I finally got around to checking out v0.3

Very nice job, I really like the customisations menu. I have found that the glow setting doesn't quite work all that well so I've had it turned off for a few games but the persistence is great, really helps add to the experience.

I agree with BigGman too, the animation isn't as smooth as it was on the original version. It's nothing too major just seems like a bit of a step backwards compared to how it was before.

All up though, I'm really impressed with what you've been able to achieve.

......Now I'm gonna go and play some more Solar Quest. :)
Re: [REQ] Vectrex emulator???
July 13, 2011 06:43PM
If possible, it appears that VectrexWii screen is zoomed in too much. All screens are too large and overlays are cut off at top and bottom.
It may need to be smaller or have option to resize screen.
Re: [REQ] Vectrex emulator???
July 14, 2011 11:52PM
That is normal. Some TVs cut those areas off. No homebrew should have relrvant things drawn there because of that but I consider the overlays' bottom and top are not relevant. Making these configurable would be the best solution but I won't do it myself. I learned some things off of this project and I'm still interested in implementing some things but I have to leave it at some point (there will always be a new feature or something that could be improved but I'm not going to work on this forever).

What I am doing is pretty simple stuff. Hopefully somebody will pick the project where I leave it and work on the details. I do not have enough free time.
Re: [REQ] Vectrex emulator???
December 10, 2011 12:42PM
The links to the source and binary on the wiki seem to be broken. Is there somewhere else where this is hosted? Also, Aruskano, are you still working on this at all?

Since there seem to be so few people interested in a Vectrex emulator on the Wii, I'd like to voice my interest in this!

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Re: [REQ] Vectrex emulator???
December 11, 2011 09:03PM
I have not worked on this the last months. College took over my time.

I do not know why this file got deleted but it should be hosted somewhere else (some sites always re-upload files). I could take the chance to fix the bugs I left there and do another release but I got other things going at the moment.

Thank you for the interest.
Re: [REQ] Vectrex emulator???
February 10, 2012 08:52PM
Hey Aruskano.
Thanks for the effort, you've put into this emulator so far!
Great to see this wonderful system running on Nintendo Hardware. Since I don't own a Wii, I've only been able to see some footage on youtube. Which is why I wanted to ask kindly, if by any chance it would be possible to release a version of your emulator for the Nintendo Gamecube?

I'm not a coder in any way, but my understanding is that theoretically homebrew for Wii and Gamecube have a lot in common, right? And there's some other emulators, that are developed for both systems at the same time...

So again, I just want to know, if it might be possible (for you), at all?
Re: [REQ] Vectrex emulator???
April 18, 2012 11:16PM
hey @oldskooler whats you current email address? sent me a email when you get a chance. ~~~~owen

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