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A way to turn your PC into a Wiimote?

Posted by death_au 
A way to turn your PC into a Wiimote?
March 26, 2011 02:08AM
Something I've been looking into, but is very hard to find information on, is rather than connecting a wiimote to your pc, doing the opposite: Connecting your PC to your wii as a wiimote. Does anyone know if something like this has been attempted?
I would really like to play some of my games with alternative inputs. For example, using a keyboard and mouse in Metroid Prime. I don't know how it would play, but I can think of a lot of other possible combinations that could be fun. Perhaps something really out there, like playing BIT.TRIP CORE with a dance mat. Being able to connect the PC to Wii could open up a whole new range of control possibilities.

Any ideas on where to start?
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