The Xband 2 Team is seeking talented homebrew coders
May 13, 2011 04:53AM
The Xband 2.0 team is looking for talented Wii Homebrew coders for a kick ass project!
Must have strong knowledge of Socket, C++, MYSQL and HEX editing a major bonus.

What is Xband 2?
Xband 2 is a faithful recreation of the SNES and Genesis modems.

What does Xband 2 do?
It matchmakes Netplay of popular SNES and Genesis emulators. It also watches memory addresses to know the following :
When the game is over
Who Won
Who Lost
and report them back to the server for ranking.

If you are interested please contact me one of the following ways :
AIM - Krazystyle83
Yahoo - Krazystyle83

Thank you!

Here is a video of the old Xband 2 beta in action.
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