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Developing a new 3D Game

Posted by wilco2009 
Developing a new 3D Game
June 30, 2011 12:37AM
I'm developing a new 3D game based on Metroid and now I'm searching for coders and 3D graphic designers to collaborate on it.
I'm writing the core libraries and now I'm working on collision detection.
Until now libraries handle model groups and nested 3D transformations automatically (for instance, arm and leg movements, coordinated with body movement). It's only necessary to assign rotation centers and divide the model in parts.

Graphic designers interested should have experience with 3DStudio editing or Blender to create or edit OBJ files.

Coders interested should have experience on GRRLIB, GX, and basic 3D geometric transformations theory.

Interested people please contact me through private message.
Re: Developing a new 3D Game
February 18, 2012 10:58PM
I'd be happy to once I get more research on coding. I'll tell you when I learn all about coding :D
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