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Limewire unofficial port (AKA the open source one that was made public after Limewire shut down)

Posted by nightwishfan1 
Hi. I figured it would be a good idea to port the unofficial version of Limewire that's floating around on the net (the one with the word associated with jolly rogers, and such that the person making it public would be cool to label it as). Anyways it can be found via simple google by searching it with the inappropriate word mentioned above. It's been made open source, and accessing files over the internet is possible on the Wii, though I got no idea if sharing between consoles over a network would be possible.

Now I'm not just proposing this idea for the purposes of using the program to do what the original Limewire was intended for, but for the intent of sharing files deemed shareable by the community. Files like copies of custom game projects someone is making on their pc, and decide to make copies to a external hard drive. This would include custom made music files, and what not, but with limits on other file types to an extent (the bannable kind). Of course stopping other forms of sharing would be practically impossible, but I'm sure blocks could be put in place to stop the program from showing certain other file types that are deemed bannable here. Anyways thanks for reading. Maybe we'll see it one day.

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I haven't looked at it but I assume Limewire was made for PCs and if you were to "port" it to the Wii you would basically have to start from scratch. Just because a project is open-source doesn't mean it will run on any platform.
I've actually gone and looked for the source, and what I'm seeing is a few various different versions of the program exist. One for PC of course, one for Mac, and finally a Linux version with the info stating Debian and Ubuntu specifically. I'm posting a link that has sources for each version.

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We are absolutely NOT having a link to a page with downloads for a piece of software desgined SPECIFICALLY for piracy.
Even though it is available for PC, Mac, and Linux my comment still stands that it is made for PCs and cannot just be ported to the Wii. The Wii has a PPC processor and has very little memory compared to PCs. I don't think it can support Java (which is what Limewire uses) and as such cannot support Limewire. You would be better off writing an alternative which does something similar.
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