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DIrect Rendering under Whiite

Posted by wobu 
DIrect Rendering under Whiite
March 14, 2010 10:07PM
Hello wiibrew community,

my goal is to get XBMC runnable under whiite, but i'm not a expert in such stuff and i get caught at this point:

"enable Direct Rendering"

cause XBMC needs a hardware accelerated openGL support.

In the stable package (lenny) i couldn't enable it so i updated to testing package (squeeze).
And with following special circumstances it will be activated:

- Before updating to Squeeze i startet the xserver on the wii directly.
- With a SSH connection from my PC i updated the packages to squeeze.
- I run "glxinfo" and "glxgears" which proofed that direct rendering was enabled.

But that's not all. If i will restart the xserver, a error occurs cause the new version of the xserver can not load the "xf86-video-cube" drivers, following error messages will be shown:

(EE) module ABI major version (2) doesn't match the server's version (6)
(EE) Failed to load module "cube" (module requirement mismatch, 0)
(EE) No drivers available.

And now i don't know what to do.If i don't update to squeeze i won't be able to getting direct rendering enabled and if i do update, the "xf86-video-cube" won't work anymore.
Recompiling the driver did also not work.
Fix for module ABI version mismatch
March 17, 2010 11:12AM
Add the following lines to '/etc/X11/xorg.conf':

Section "ServerFlags"
Option "IgnoreABI" "True"

Is it really true that you got OpenGL working?

I didn't realize nuvalo's xf86-video-cube driver had that support!

How exciting!
Re: Fix for module ABI version mismatch
March 17, 2010 06:46PM
thanks i will try this out :)

there were no changes in the driver. I was also surprised but XBMC acceptet this direct rendering so i think this will work :)
Re: Fix for module ABI version mismatch
March 17, 2010 06:54PM
What a pit,
it doesn't work. Seems that nuvalo's driver won't work with this version of xserver.
But i don't get it why direct rendering was enabled in my situtation described above.
Maybe the old xserver was running with the newer version of the mesa lib.
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