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torrent on linux

Posted by supermegamanxl 
torrent on linux
August 20, 2010 06:57AM
i know it supports it but can you put the torrent extraction on it a dvd
Re: torrent on linux
August 20, 2010 12:20PM
Well for a start, the Wii doesn't have a DVD burner. Anyway, there are very few things you are likely to torrent and burn on a disc that are legal. Only thing I could think of is a Linux distro. Other than that, there's computer software, wii games and movies, all of which would be illegal and piracy and against the rules. However, its impossible so its irrelevant what you wanted it for.
Re: torrent on linux
August 26, 2010 04:15PM
Does anyone ever read anymore? At least do some research before asking questions that even Noobs should already know, like the fact that a the wii can't burn dvds and also to make it even worse, the new black wiis have a 100% chance of having the new chips that will not allow you to use dvd -r, dvd +r, dvd -rw, dvd +rw, etc.... READ! Google is your best friend or so we believe lol
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