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xwhiite with mikekernal 5 problem

Posted by supermegamanxl 
xwhiite with mikekernal 5 problem
October 18, 2010 03:44PM
when i boot with mike for xwhiite theres strip of screen and the rest is black any suggestion how to fix it.
info on wii 4.0U used whiite linux installer to get xwhiite i seen you have to edit the xorg but i do not have linux on my computer
Re: xwhiite with mikekernal 5 problem
October 20, 2010 04:41PM
You do have a display problem, which indeed can only be fixed by editing the xorg.conf file.

You don't need to have linux on your computer to do so, just download any version of live CD linux (which boots and works from the CD without altering your PC), and get it done there.
I'd recommend you use Ubuntu Live CD, it's pretty simple.

I came across this same problem and I couldn't find the right configuration on the web for me, that moved me to the latest version of Whiite and to install the X11 server and fluxbox on it (resembling XWhiite's).

Hope you have better luck with it
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