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Whiite Xorg and fluxbox

Posted by ags131 
Whiite Xorg and fluxbox
March 21, 2011 03:19PM
I have installed Whiite to a SD card, Installed X11, xorg, the cube driver and fluxbox. I have startfluxbox in xsession, and it works fine when i type startx (Except for overscan) i installed cwiid and it workd when i manually use the GPIO port, But when i add them to the xsession file it doesnt start wminput. I would also like X to start on boot. Is any of this possible?
Re: Whiite Xorg and fluxbox
March 21, 2011 03:45PM
I managed to start X on boot, without user and password check though.
What I think I did back then was:

Edit rc.local file

You need to add the following line in your /etc/rc.local file, before the line exit 0.

su - (username) -c startx

Save and quit the file.

That’s it. You are done. Now restart your system you will be magically taken right into your fluxbox without you doing anything. Next time when your power goes up or your computer gets restarted accidentally, rest assured your system will boot nicely the way you want it to.

Disabling autologin

What if you decide that you don’t want autologin feature and would like to go back the way your system was? No problems, just do this:

1. Remove the line
su - (username) -c startx
from rc.local file

2. Enable or Install your login manager (this is the part I didn´t do)
To enable:
#update-rc.d xdm defaults
To install:
# apt-get install xdm

3. Reboot your system.

I got this from here: [linux.koolsolutions.com]

In case it doesn't work try adding:
exec startfluxbox
in your ~/.xinitrc file (comment out any other WM options)

Re: Whiite Xorg and fluxbox
March 24, 2011 11:04PM
Thanks. I ended up putting the GPIO and wminput code in rc.local then they worked fine. Now, how in the world do i use XForwarding?!! I have followed several turorials but none have worked. Im wanting to allow my Ubuntu Laptop to run applications and Whiite to display them.
Re: Whiite Xorg and fluxbox
April 04, 2011 10:35PM
Can't help you on that one, I've no idea.
Re: Whiite Xorg and fluxbox
April 05, 2011 02:37AM
Got it working now. though pointless as i now have an old pc setup with ubuntu as a media center.
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