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Wifi tool on Whiite under bootmii?

Posted by jacobr8893 
Wifi tool on Whiite under bootmii?
June 20, 2012 11:37PM
Apparently, there is supposed to be a wifi tool called "whiite-ez-wifi-config" in the root directory when you have logged into whiite. Everytime i try to use it i get file or directory not found. Does anyone know of anyway to correct this or another way to use wifi in whiite? I want to use the wii as a linux server and without wifi there wouldn't be a point. I would be very greatful for your help as i have been googleing to no avail for an hour.
Re: Wifi tool on Whiite under bootmii?
September 23, 2012 04:24AM
Yeah, that file seems to be missing, and some genius decided not to include the files necessary to set up wifi. I had to connect my Wii via ethernet and follow the instructions: [www.gc-linux.org] - it says wpa-supplicant can't be found either, but just leave it out. If you actually need WPA, then I guess you're screwed.

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