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Bootmii Linux Loader Channel, BootMiiOn/OFF and Building CustomizeMii on Ubuntu.

Posted by linus 
Bootmii Linux Loader Channel, BootMiiOn/OFF and Building CustomizeMii on Ubuntu.
March 01, 2013 05:12AM
This a update to and earlier project [forum.wiibrew.org] and
Here is the new updated Homebrew Channel compatible app package.


I changed the alternate directory name to match BootMii Configuration Editor. The source is included in the app package. Assumed before first use is that you have a directory named bootmii on the root of your SD card.

Detour to Easy Wii Linux:
Awhile ago I laid out my route for booting EWL from the HBC. [forum.wiibrew.org] Building from that I wanted EWL to change the the BootMiiOn/Off icon to off(black). So in /etc/rc.local, just after the line added last time;

mv /initrd/mnt/bootmii /initrd/mnt/~bootmii

I added two more;

mv initrd/mnt/apps/bmoo/icon.png initrd/mnt/apps/bmoo/onicon.png
mv initrd/mnt/apps/bmoo/officon.png initrd/mnt/apps/bmoo/icon.png

Bootmii Linux Loader Channel:
Here is a Wii System Menu Compatible package for the channel.
The main function of the channel is to reboot to IOS254. But if there is a /~bootmii directory it will be renamed, and if BootMiiOn/Off is installed the icon will be changed.


Building CustomizeMii on Ubuntu:

sudo apt-get install mono-gmcs monodevelop
svn checkout [customizemii.googlecode.com] customizemii

Now run MonoDevlop and open customizemii/CustomizeMii.sln. Under the Build menu select Build All. There are a few incorrectly capitalized letter in Resources.rex that will cause the build to fail. Right click on the error icon on the lower left corner of the IDE and choose goto. Change the letters to correctly match the actual files. Run Build All again and repeat the error tracking process. Do this until no fatal errors appear. The finished binary is at customizemii/CustomizeMii/bin/debug/Customize.exe

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