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Xubuntu Feisty Wii (fast!)

Posted by q885 
Xubuntu Feisty Wii (fast!)
April 30, 2013 03:32PM
Re: Xubuntu Feisty Wii (fast!)
May 05, 2013 02:25AM
I'm just not sure how you managed to get Firefox to run with such a heavy desktop enviroment, I didn't even thing the source code supported PowerPC. I guess all that's left now for the series is a Kubuntu attempt. I was a bit doubtful of this when I first seen something similar to this on Youtube back about a year ago, but I can definitly confirm now that an XFCE desktop environment is possible; espicially after seeing a heavier desktop like Gnome 2 running as good as it did. I've managed to do something similar to this with rasor-qt in Debian Wheezy using Sid packages, but it was quite slow as I had to heavily rely on swap and zRam. After seeing this, I think I'll make another attempt once rasor-qt stabalizes a bit more as I like the looks of qt better than gtk. Thanks for sharing this!

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Re: Xubuntu Feisty Wii (fast!)
July 05, 2013 06:00PM
Yes I know the last post is two months ago. I still feel like this post is contributing. If its not feel free to delete it.

I don't see how you say this is fast as Easy Wii Linux. The desktop took 24 seconds from the start of X to fully init. To truely get to a state of speed where EWL is, you'd have to trim out a lot of the fat:
There are XOrg drivers for ATI, S3, Glint, etc ... the only one we need is fbdev to access farter's framebuffer.
Xfwm isn't the lightest window manager and atleast on my first boot it was taking up more ram than XOrg was.

However put aside the speed issues and bloat, I really do like this distro and I'm going to see what I can get done with it.

EDIT: I've having an issue of TV Overscan that doesn't exist in EWL, Its making using X a pain. The consoles themselves don't get chopped off and infact have a small black line at the bottom.

EDIT2: It seems that console-setup isn't listed in rcconf, where it was in EWL. So now I cannot disable the font change during bootup which makes the consoles completly unreadable in their state of white fg - black bg. Regarding the font, EWL switches to the same one and yet I can semi read the one from EWL.

EDIT3: Pressing backspace on the consoles with content after the delete point causes color corruption, also didn't happen in EWL.

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Re: Xubuntu Feisty Wii (fast!)
July 15, 2013 05:55PM
Re: Xubuntu Feisty Wii (fast!)
July 16, 2013 03:21AM
hi i need help... i tried doing this over and over but whenever i boot bootmii it runs the command and at the end it says permission denied.... it asks for a tty1 username i put in ubuntu but it didnt work could you please help me out?
Re: Xubuntu Feisty Wii (fast!)
July 21, 2013 03:12AM
Re: Xubuntu Feisty Wii (fast!)
July 22, 2013 04:19AM
Re: Xubuntu Feisty Wii (fast!)
July 22, 2013 05:21AM
Can you do this with Windows? No. At least I don't know of any programs that would let you do it.
As for Mac...maybe? I don't know enough about Macs to tell you.

Basically, all you need is a way to format and write to an "ext2" partition. Especially, you have to be able to write special files like devices. In Linux, this is very simple to do because most, if not all, flavors of Linux support ext2 partitions natively.
Re: Xubuntu Feisty Wii (fast!)
July 27, 2013 11:35PM
Alright then... This may seem a bit far out, but what about setting it up with EWL?
Re: Xubuntu Feisty Wii (fast!)
July 28, 2013 02:57AM
I don't know of any reason why you wouldn't be able to install Ubuntu Wii onto a second memory card (attached through usb, I assume) using EWL. I haven't tried it with EWL, but I have installed Ubuntu Wii from Ubuntu Wii, so I don't expect any problems.
Re: Xubuntu Feisty Wii (fast!)
September 01, 2013 08:07AM

If I used a 4gb SD Card for only BootMii and EWL, will there be enough space for a Ubuntu partition on the same card?

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Re: Xubuntu Feisty Wii (fast!)
February 28, 2014 01:34PM
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