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Wii XBMCbuntu

Posted by woompa 
Wii XBMCbuntu
July 18, 2013 07:19PM
I have not tried any of the Wii Linux distros as of yet so please forgive my ignorance on this subject. Is it possible to build a version of XBMCbuntu to work on the Wii? It would be so much cooler to have a Wii be able to run a version of XBMCbuntu on my old CRT/analog input TVs rather than buying Raspberry Pis. I realize it would likely be slow and cumbersome but nonetheless a great feature to an old console that I still love.
Re: Wii XBMCbuntu
August 31, 2013 03:00PM
You're probably much better off to use WiiMC (native Wii homebrew app, decent media player, but not quite of the same calibre as XBMC) or possibly GeeXbox (a specialised Linux distro for media usage). I haven't tried GeeXbox, but I use WiiMC reasonably regularly and it's certainly pretty decent. Doesn't have the impressive metadata features of XBMC though (stuff like cover art etc. for movies & TV shows).
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