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Guide to Making Your Own Cheat Codes

Posted by Arikado 
Guide to Making Your Own Cheat Codes
September 12, 2010 04:44PM
This is my best attempt at writing a simple guide to help people get started developing cheat codes which can be used during the play of commercial Wii video games to both make the experience of playing much simpler and more enjoyable. Please use cheat codes responsibly, do not cheat online and ruin the gameplay experience for others.

If there are any inaccuracies, problems, or improvements that could be made to this guide please send me a PM.


You really don't need to be particularly talented with the technical aspects of computers to make cheat codes for the Wii. You don't need to understand how the Wii operates internally, you don't even need a background in programming. All of this knowledge may help you pick up the craft of making cheat codes more quickly, but it is not required.

USB Gecko:
In order to develop cheat codes for the Wii you're going to need a USB Gecko. They can be a bit harder to find now as they are no longer in production but [foundmy.com] still has a large supply of them. (PM me if you know of other people who still carry it)

USB Gecko Software:
If you don't have the disc that's supposed to come with the USB Gecko, you can download the drivers for it here: [www.ftdichip.com] .

This guide will use the WiiRD software client for the USB Gecko. You can download it here: [wiird.l0nk.org] There are other clients do the same things as WiiRD, use whatever you prefer.

You will also need Gecko OS to launch your Wii games with when you plan on hacking them with your USB Gecko. You can get Gecko OS here: [wiibrew.org]

How Cheat Codes are Made:

The simple explanation of how cheats are made:
The USB Gecko allows you to view and edit values stored in addresses your Wii's RAM. By editing the values, you are able to do things during gamplay such as giving yourself more points or more health. Clients for the USB Gecko (such as WiiRD which will be used in this guide) allow you to save your changes to the RAM into .gct files which can be used by Wii homebrew programs to make these RAM changes permanent, thus enabling cheats in your gameplay.

The Long Explanation:
One could probably write an entire on Wii RAM hacking with the USB Gecko and all the different techniques which can be used.

The best explanation of making cheat codes with the USB Gecko that I have ever seen or read is in this three part youtube tutorial:

Obviously making cheat codes via RAM hacking has been done for a very long time. Reading guides to making cheat codes on other platforms can contain invaluable knowledge to help you do so on the Wii. (PM me if you know of good guides I can post here -- I've read tons but am pressed for time to find them right now)

Further Assistance
Of course I can't possibly tell everything you're going to want to know in a single guide. I'm sure you have questions on cheat code development for the Nintendo Wii. The best place to direct your questions is right here in our Cheat Codes forum at the WiiBrew Forums or in #usbgecko on EFNET.
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