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Cheat Codes

Posted by ACCFHacker 
Cheat Codes
October 22, 2011 03:07AM
I probably sound like a total noob, but how exactly do I get/use cheat codes?
I already tried accio hacks and ocarina but it didn't have any pre made codes for the game I wanted to use them on.
Thanks in advance
Re: Cheat Codes
October 22, 2011 11:04AM
If there aren't any made already, you'd have to make them yourself, which is a difficult process if you aren't familiar with the process of making cheat codes on other consoles. You need a USB Gecko and the Wiird debugger, and that's about as much as I know.
Re: Cheat Codes
October 22, 2011 09:28PM
there were some I found online that people had made, but I don't know how to apply them.
Re: Cheat Codes
October 22, 2011 09:38PM
Use Ocarina code manager to convert the codes into a *.GCT file which can be read by Gecko OS. Save it on your SD card and choose "apply codes" on Gecko OS when loading the game.
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