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activation problems

Posted by pwner4499 
activation problems
July 03, 2012 07:34PM
I have been trying to activate codes for call of duty black ops zombies but nothing has worked I have tried all code downloaders and managers with Gecko OS but it doesnt work so i was wondering if there is anything that I am doing wrong I have also used Ocarina.

I am doing the following
- downloading codes from accio hacks
- turning them into GCT. files
- activating them on cheat manager
- leaving cheat manager( I dont know if i can save them or not)
- loading Gecko OS
- launcging game from Gecko OS

Please respond with helpful feedback
Re: activation problems
July 05, 2012 12:02AM
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Re: activation problems
July 13, 2012 07:43PM
I'm having the same problem with mp trilogy. Trying to get all scans, but nothing happens. Doing the same thing as you.
I'm gonna try a different loader.

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Re: activation problems
July 14, 2012 12:35AM
Doesn't work on ocarina either.
Re: activation problems
September 09, 2012 01:36AM
i have the same problem with mario kart wii ,go through the cheat manager everything fine,so i think.check my sd card and the codes are there,open gecko os it says,sd codes are found,applying,but the game shows nothing.steve.
Re: activation problems
May 07, 2013 09:23AM
not at all working on work on ocarina either
Re: activation problems
July 05, 2013 04:45AM
Does anyone know if any of mh3 codes work for mh3u ? I'm sorry if it's dumb question..
Re: activation problems
August 23, 2013 08:14PM
Are you still having this technical problem?
Re: activation problems
October 10, 2013 04:12PM
Same with Mario Kart Wii. It gave me a green shell but when you went to use it it froze :/.
Re: activation problems
October 10, 2013 04:14PM
Just realized what I was doing wrong.
Re: activation problems
October 11, 2013 11:48AM
I need to go to cheat manager.
Re: activation problems
October 11, 2013 11:48AM
I need to go to cheat manager and activate it.
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