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Transferal of protected save files

Posted by Selenium 
Transferal of protected save files
April 29, 2013 11:19AM
Got HBC onto my Wii U the other day, mostly for Gecko OS to enable me to play my U.S games.

Now that's all hunky dory, I was wondering if it's possible for me to get my Smash Bros save file from my Wii, to the Wii Mode. For instance, I CAN back it up on the Wii with Savegame Manager GX, that's fine. But I don't then have an option to import it in Wii mode. I gather it's something to do with IOS' and NAND related things. No doubt my old Wii has a whole bunch of stuff installed that my Wii mode doesn't.

So! Basically, I want to know if there's a way for me to get Savegame Manager or Banana Saves or whatever to enable me to import save files exported from my Wii.

Also, I never found a tool that would just enable me to copy the save file to SD as normal. All these tools seem to export it into a series of files that need to be re-built when imported I suppose. If there is indeed a tool that just removes copy protection, I'd like to know.

Would appreciate any help I can get!

EDIT: No worries, sorted it out myself. Need cIOS 249 or whatever.

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Re: Transferal of protected save files
September 21, 2013 08:45PM
I am interested in this as well, but OP did not really provide what he did as a solution. I don't really want to unlock all the Mario Kart Wii stuff again in WiiU mode. I used Priiloader on the Wii to copy the savefile to SD, but WiiU Wii mode says it can't be transferred. I know that we can't use Priiloader, but would something like startpatch 4.3 work? I have tried but no IOS seems to work. Is there a safe way to load an IOS that will work? Or some other tool to bypass the NoCopy?
OP said he needed cIOS 249, is that possible to install in Wiimode?
Re: Transferal of protected save files
September 22, 2013 01:50PM
You cannot patch the System Menu in any way on WiiU AFAIK. Your best bet is probably to try Savegame Manager GX. It does however require a cIOS AFAIK, and we cannot discuss cIOS here as they are against the rules.
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