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Wii U not functioning?

Posted by Giratina 
Wii U not functioning?
August 28, 2015 01:55AM
So I've had a Wii U for about ten months now, and I've had the HomeBrew Channel installed for about eight. It has been functioning great, not a single issue! Until I visit my parent's to watch the house for the week, and when they return, my brother boots up his brand new Wii U after we all get off mine, having just played Nintendo Land. About thirty minutes later, I turn on mine, and.. the Quick Launch Menu is unresponsive. Weird. No touchscreen, no analog, no button feedback at all. Okay, so I turn it off, and turn it on via the console. The Wii U GamePad doesn't function on the mainscreen, and I have to use a Wii Remote to access a game, but when I do, the GamePad functions fine, except for the touchscreen.

I guess my question is, could this issue have been a problem with the HomeBrew Channel? Also, how can I remove the channel from the Wii Menu and leave minimal traces of it being there?

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