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Worldwiideweb Help :(

Posted by pokeglobe 
Worldwiideweb Help :(
May 31, 2009 03:45AM
Alright I am so close to this working. Only problem is... Any site i try to read gives me a code dump.
Here is the git HERE
I did NO modifications exept the url. but it wont read anything. Is there a certain file I have to use for the index or what?
Re: Worldwiideweb Help :(
June 04, 2009 03:09AM
Hi! I see you found my code somehow. Does even the example URL work? I haven't touched that code in months, so I can't really help too much right now, but I definitely remember that I could change the URL as I wished and it would still work and download the file. Does other homebrew work with internet and SD access?

Edit: You might want to remove all references to the syslog thing as a test, since I didn't write that. I thought it was handy but I can't remember if it actually worked all that well.

Edit: I just made a tag for the last C sample code that I had up there, from now on I'm moving to C++ so that I can use libwiigui. [github.com] will be easier to find than trying to go through all the revisions, just for future reference. Git is pretty awesome.

Haha, last edit: You might find this handy to try to pinpoint the code dump.

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Re: Worldwiideweb Help :(
June 05, 2009 05:14AM
Umm, not sure why this was a reply to this post, but I can't quite help you. In any case, I've made a separate branch for my HTTP sample code on github, and added a few #ifdefs so that it will actually work on other people's Wiis. Pokeglobe, let me know if that works for you, it probably should but if not maybe libogc changed since the last time I ran code on my Wii.

Hey, I guess since my code could be fairly instructive, I guess I'll work on the sample branch for a while, adding some comments and stuff and making things as generic as possible.

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