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CodeMii Tutorial 12 Clear Up (unofficial)

Posted by speewave 
CodeMii Tutorial 12 Clear Up (unofficial)
June 12, 2009 11:08PM
I know its not a question, but i thought i would post it here anyway! for those who have begun programming on the Wii might have went to the CodeMii Tutorial Site (theres a link on the wiki under tutorials for those who didnt know) ...

Tutorial 12 was about Playing Mod files (from the SD card or the Source Code) . I have the latest devkitPPC (downloaded last night) and when compiling the Code i ran in to many issues and I thought to help out for those who did have issues now that i have fixed it!
Here are My Fixes To Tutorial 12:

(MakeFile) :
LIBS	:=	-lwiiuse -lbte -lasnd -logc -lmodplay  -lm

Note : I compiled the mod with the source so i didn't link libraries needed for SD Card Loading, but place them normally,
Important Tip: When Dealing with makefiles : Order Counts!!!

//include area:


now add this where the Initialization areas are
        //instead of AUDIO_Init(NULL) add SND_Init();

This was done using the latest DevkitPPC things!
This is my code change, i hope i helped someone
Sorry if my code may be a bit sloppy, this is actually my first day programming on the Wii....
Re: CodeMii Tutorial 12 Clear Up (unofficial)
June 13, 2009 11:02AM
You forgot rule number 1: this forum software is crap.
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