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Vanishing pointer in LibWiiGui

Posted by giantpune 
Vanishing pointer in LibWiiGui
August 16, 2009 08:59AM
I have made several apps using the wonderful libwiigui. But I have noticed that if there is a lot going on, the cursor sometimes disappears from the screen. The IR input is still working ( can still click buttons and the over effects for buttons still work). But nothing I do brings the cursor image back on the screen. Usually the cursor disappears while I am in a loop that doesn't have the waitvsync() in it. But adding the waitvsync() in these loops causes the loop to take 3x as long and doesn't always keep the cursor from disappearing, so it would be better if i could leave it out.

Has anybody experienced this or know of a way to revive the dead cursor image once it has gone?
Re: Vanishing pointer in LibWiiGui
August 16, 2009 11:57PM
Perhaps you should take a look at the latest libwiigui revision. There's a few important changes I've made to improve the efficiency of libwiigui that should help with this.

1) font rendering - freetypegx was clearing and repopulating the font glyph cache if you use mulitple font sizes
2) waitvsync was replaced with usleep (for a shorter wait period)
3) some logic changes - basically just avoid recreating text variables (eg: via sprintf) unless a value *actually* changed
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