IDE questions
November 06, 2008 06:31AM
Hi, I'm trying to get started with homebrew on the Wii and I've installed devkitpro. I'm going through examples and tutorials right now to get used to C++ because I've only done serious work (taken classes in) Java and Scheme. I was wondering what kind of IDE support devkitpro has, i.e. what can I use it with and how well does it work? I have access to Visual Studio 2008 Pro through MS Dreamspark program and I've played around a little with Dev-C++, and I also see some people recommending Code::Blocks. Which IDE would you guys recommend?

Is there a way to configure Eclipse with the CDT to compile homebrew? For Java and a little Python I've been using Eclipse for a while and I'm really comfortable with it, so it would be great if I could continue. One problem though is that I can't select mingw as the C++ toolchain for some reason, I only have cygwin in my options (which I use for other things, it seems to cause slight problems with msys but as long as I use msys.bat I'm fine). Thanks for the help guys.
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