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GX BackBuffer Surface

Posted by WiiPhlex 
GX BackBuffer Surface
November 09, 2008 05:02AM
I've been looking into surfaces with GX and am having some troubles. What I'm looking to do is create a rendertarget surface for the back buffer so I can do post proccess pixel effects, I'm looking for the GX equivelant of something like this in DirectX(9)


I don't know to much about Surfaces in GX so any help would be appreciated.

Edit: Okay, maybe people aren't sure how to do this, perhaps I should ask another question. If this is not possible, is there some way in getting a pointer to the back buffer (which I assume is a bitmap?)? Thanks.

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Re: GX BackBuffer Surface
November 10, 2008 09:34PM
I believe the way you do this is by rendering onto the EFB normally and then, instead of copying to XFB (GX_CopyDisp), you copy to a texture (GX_CopyTex). Look at GX_SetTexCopySrc and Dst too. I don't know the details but that's the general idea. Then you can use that texture as part of your normal render cycle afterwards. You can also copy the same EFB to both XFB and a texture, so you can have the "last frame" available as a texture. That could come in handy for motion blur effects or something like that.
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