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libOGC Documentation?

Posted by AerialX 
libOGC Documentation?
August 01, 2008 07:42PM
Well, I need some links to libOGC documentation / tutorials. After searching around all of last night I really didn't find much... For WPAD I saw one example on the wiki, and nothing else; the header has no comments, no doxygen to be found, etc. I guess I'll have to look through the source to see exactly how some things map to wiiuse (which I've used), or just screw around and see what happens.
For GX and other parts of libogc I see very little. The doxygen is nice, but overwhelming when trying to figure out how to start, and the ported NeHe examples only show so much and they're not explained/commented too heavily.

So I'm just wondering, are there any tutorials out there that really explain how to work with libogc and GX? How did some of the people here start? I'm guessing in the end I'll just have to study random code of existing homebrew apps :/
Re: libOGC Documentation?
August 01, 2008 07:43PM
Re: libOGC Documentation?
August 01, 2008 08:09PM
That's what I was referring to when I said:
The doxygen is nice, but overwhelming when trying to figure out how to start

The thing is, API documentation like that can only do so much when you don't know much about how the system works. Are there no really good, extensive tutorials from say the gamecube era (or better yet, recent Wii :P)?
Re: libOGC Documentation?
August 01, 2008 10:05PM
Have you looked at the devkitpro Wii Examples? The "template" example contains a good amount of code to get you going on the basics (Console + WPAD), and there's also some "Lessons" for using GX.

But as a whole, documentation for libogc is lacking in most respects. Luckily, most of the new Wii libs are fairly self explanatory. If you need help implementing a new function, you might want to try looking at the source code of any of many available Homebrew Applications. You should be able to find examples for most Wii functions.

Edit: Also, if someone manages to put together a list of good coding resources, I'd be glad to sticky it.

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Re: libOGC Documentation?
August 01, 2008 11:16PM
I believe that once you have devkitPPC properly installed it comes with some documentation. I include the libwiisprite library in my wii programs to make it easier to program. For the record, libwiisprite comes with very extensive html documentation.

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Re: libOGC Documentation?
August 01, 2008 11:41PM
I too had the same problem, no documentation to see. I have found my way around tho, trough reading the examples, looking at other peoples code, and looking at libogc's source code(Tho it doesn't explain much, only do some bit operations mostly)

I do however take some notes of stuff I find out here:
Re: libOGC Documentation?
August 04, 2008 07:19PM
Well, it looks like there just isn't that much to find... I guess I'll be studying random homebrew applications/games and learning what I can from there.

tona: Such a stickied list would be great, although at the moment it seems that there wouldn't be too many resources to list.

Arikado: I'm more interested in the 3D aspect of things, since that's what my project requires.

wildex999: Yup, looks like that's what I'll be doing for the next while.
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