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Wiiload Error

Posted by ct_bolt 
Wiiload Error
August 16, 2010 02:12AM
This is the run output from Programmers Notepad:
> "make" run
wiiload HelloWorld.dol
wiiload v0.5
coded by dhewg

compressing 223552 bytes... 48.12%
connecting to
sending upload request
sending file size (107583 bytes)
sending data.
sending arguments (16 bytes)

> Process Exit Code: 0
> Time Taken: 00:10

I use FTP Server in WiiExplorer and it asked to load the file, I click yes. Then I get a black screen with Exception (DSI) and a code dump... but I can run it fine when I copy and paste the file to the SD card.
What does this mean? Please help.

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Re: Wiiload Error
August 16, 2010 03:53AM
I'm not sure I understand everything here. wiiload is suppose to be used with the Homebrew Channel, you don't need to open any homebrew (like WiiExplorer). wiiload does not connect via FTP, but with TCP/IP.
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