Help Finishing a Port of Secret Maryo Chronicles
October 02, 2010 09:04PM
A while ago I took a look at porting Secret Maryo Chronicles to Wii. It uses OpenGL and a bunch of other libraries the Wii doesn't have available to develop with right now so I figured I'd probably never look at it again. A few days ago though, a port of the game was released for the GP2X Wiz based on an older build of the game and made using only SDL. So I figured hey, why not recompile it for Wii?

You can grab the source code to the GP2X port here: []
The binary and data files here: []

Drop the data folder from the second link onto your SD card in sd:/apps/smc/ (so the full path is sd:/apps/smc/data/ ) for the purposes of following along with my port.

The porting process was pretty trivial. Not very much code had to be rewritten to get it to compile.

It now runs on Wii but I can't seem to get any files to load (or at least any images). I'm just presented with a blank white background. The file loading code is pretty ugly but, I mean, it *should* work. The SDL initialization code was all changed to suit the Wii and it looks good too. I'm truly baffled why the images aren't appearing so I figured I'd turn it over to people here a little more capable with this sort of thing than myself.

One note, input is going to have to be rewritten but I'm more than willing to do that myself once the images are appearing.

You can grab my latest build here: []
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