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Console size

Posted by MosheZihmih 
Console size
December 11, 2010 02:23PM
When outputting lines of text through the printf() function, how many lines can be seen on the screen at one time, and how many columns?
In other words, what are the (character) dimensions of the console?
Re: Console size
December 11, 2010 07:35PM
whatever size you create the console with. it is not a set size. but the characters are. just do the math...

height = linesYouWantOnTheScreen * 10 ( letters are like 8px tall and something like 2 px of padding )

or something similar. see the font and console files in libogc for the size of the letters and also for how to create the console in different sizes.
Re: Console size
December 12, 2010 02:51PM
Ok, so what you are saying is that you can have on a 52" TV a bigger number of lines than on a 24", even with the same wii resolution?
Re: Console size
December 12, 2010 04:43PM
what im saying is that the only part of the console that is a fixed size is the letters. you can create the console with whatever height and width you want. your question is impossible to answer. it will hold different amount of letters and lines depending on how big you make it.

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Re: Console size
December 12, 2010 09:27PM
For 640x480 resolution it isn't hard to figure it out for yourself. Just make some code that adds a new line of text every time you hit the A button. When you reach the bottom of the screen then your done.
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