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Using Blender 3D

Posted by 11ssims 
Using Blender 3D
April 02, 2011 08:52AM
Is it possible to use Blender 3D to make graphics for the Wii? Please dont get mad if this is a ridiculous question.
Re: Using Blender 3D
April 02, 2011 09:58AM
The short answer is no - there are no libraries to help you.

However it’s very doable to implement your own.

I know from experience it’s not too difficult to load up 3D objects into your application.
I can provide information if your wish to take this approach
Re: Using Blender 3D
April 03, 2011 02:15PM
If blender exports ".obj" files there there is a tutorial by Eviltroopa that you can use to load them : [translate.google.com]

However note that there are some features that you cannot use on the wii.
Re: Using Blender 3D
April 04, 2011 10:31AM
You could use blender to make 3D models for programs for the Wii. However, you cannot use any of the scripting or "game" functions of blender in any way.
Re: Using Blender 3D
May 20, 2011 11:14PM
To load ".obj" files I'm trying to use a non supported library from GRRLIB, but is necesary to modify some things.

I managed to compile it but I not tested it yet.

If you are interested, when everything will be working I'll inform you.

GRRLIB sample was not working but the tutorial propossed by owen is really great. I recomend you to follow it, and you can ask me if you have doubts.
I modified the tutorial because I found some cases of vertex descriptions not supported by the Evitroppa algoritm and I made my own 3d library including simplex and composed movements in object groups.
I'm using it for a new 3D game project, but now I found a problem with the collision detection.

Thanks to Owen for the information.

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