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Eclipse Plugin

Posted by bmeier 
Eclipse Plugin
September 23, 2011 12:27PM
i've been recently working on a way to integrate the DevkitPPC toolchain into Eclipse. I ended up writing a plugin that may be usefull to others as well.

The plugin adds the DevkitPPC Toolchain to the CDT Managed Build System. Once the plugin is installed the DevkitPPC toolchain will become available for C/C++ projects whose final build artefact is either an executable or static library. If you choose the DevkitPPC toolchain for a project, the build artefact will be created using the DevkitPPC tools (compiler, linker, archiver, ...). The plugin will figure out builtin compiler specs (builtin include paths, macros...) and will also add the libogc include path, -library path, -library to the projects compiler resp. linker settings.

[*] Platform: Win, Linux, Mac (Mac is untested)
[*] a recent Eclipse Helios or Indigo installation
[*] DevkitPPC
[*] DEVKITPRO/DEVKITPPC environment variables pointing to the particular installation folders if DevkitPPC is not installed to the following default locations:
[*] c:\devkitPro resp. c:\devkitPro\devkitPPC for Windows
[*] /opt/devkitPro/ resp. /opt/devkitPro/devkitPPC for Linux & Mac

Use the WiiClipse Eclipse Update Site: [wiiclipse.github.com] (via Eclipse->Help->Install New Software)

[*] Install plugin via update site
[*] Create a new C/C++ project -> "Empty project"
[*] Choose the "DevkitPPC GCC" toolchain from the list of availabe toolchains
Re: Eclipse Plugin
September 23, 2011 05:11PM
Interesting. I will try it out later. The Helious download is 87mb.
Re: Eclipse Plugin
March 16, 2012 02:05PM
Re: Eclipse Plugin
June 29, 2012 01:01AM
Interesting! As a Java programmer I'm familiar with it. Using licensed IntelliJ IDE lately though;)

Gonna try it for sure when I'll continue my port, thanks!
Re: Eclipse Plugin
July 04, 2012 01:00PM
So I installed CDT and the Wiiclipse plugin. At first it worked fine, but I didn't have devkitpro setup correctly since I reinstalled windows last week. When I reinstalled devkitpro and tried wiiclipse again, the plugin seems to throw exceptions when I create a new project using the toolchain. In the background the project is building though. When I discard the error dialog, the project is deleted and build is aborted. Standard XL and Cross projects work fine though. I use Helios Service Release 2, Build id: 20110218-0911.

Any ideas?

I didn't look into CDT before, but it's quite usefull w/o wiiclipse plugin too.

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Re: Eclipse Plugin
July 04, 2012 02:04PM
THe plugin is probably storing some stuff about the last installation. You might try re-installing it as well. I am not sure.
Re: Eclipse Plugin
July 05, 2012 06:32PM
I already did that, but perhaps removing it completely and download it again does the trick. I'll check if I can find some logs too. I try when I get home again.

For now I just setup the proper make commands in CDT so that it builds my Makefile. Disadvantage is that the build's console output doesn't integrate with CDT, so I can't navigate to a file by clicking an error message in the console output. But it still is a great improvement over programmers notepad.
Re: Eclipse Plugin
July 26, 2012 11:53AM
is there any stack trace of what causes the exception that you could post? i'm running on fedora/eclipse juno and everything seems to work fine.

also, please make sure you are using the latest plugin version (latest is, check Help -> About -> Installation Details).

The latest version includes a preference dialog (Window->Preferences->wiiclipse) that can be used to point to the devkitPPC installation location. The plugin will now first check the preferences before it checks the environment and the default installation locations to find devkitPPC.
Re: Eclipse Plugin
August 03, 2012 01:26PM
I still have to look into that. I dídn't get any stacktraces, just a message. Perhaps the trace is logged in some logfile or so? Not sure if I use the latest version, I went the Install new software route as you described.

I get back on this later, I'm now spending all my spare time in a doomed to fail Doom 3 port:)
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