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Web development for Wii?

Posted by sl1ck 
Web development for Wii?
May 03, 2012 04:16AM
A while back I had an idea that I think could work out very well for people interested in building homebrew applications. Would it maybe be possible for someone to create a "wrapper" of sorts that basically just allowed web apps to run - meaning HTML, CSS, Javascript, maybe PHP? If those languages were available, making homebrew apps for the Wii would be a breeze, and I don't think it'd be too overly hard to make the said wrapper (I'd do it myself if I had any clue how to develop for the Wii). Just wondering. Thanks!
Re: Web development for Wii?
May 03, 2012 03:44PM
C and C++ is better than all web languages. Of course using c is harder but it is more efficient . Web languages are memory intensive and really just used by people who want to be sandboxed. I doubt such a wrapper is possible. Have you tried the featurs of the wii opera browser?

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Re: Web development for Wii?
May 03, 2012 05:34PM
PHP has nothing to do with the client, it is a server side language. But besides that, there have been attempts to create homebrew internet browsers before, and nothing has come to fruition. It's quite a big task.
Re: Web development for Wii?
May 03, 2012 05:42PM
@sifar he doesn't want to create a internet browser. he wants a to create homebrew for the wii using javascript and php but there is no app framework /host on the wii that allows him to do that. It would be something like [wiibrew.org]
Re: Web development for Wii?
May 03, 2012 06:00PM
Yeah, so he basically wants to make an internet browser. Maybe minus the network part but other than that it is basically an internet browser that he is requesting.
Re: Web development for Wii?
May 03, 2012 06:09PM
@sifar yeah, true, but it could probably be a barebones javascript/php parser (no html, no html render engine, no interface, no flash lol). But then again if you know php/javascript why not learn c?

yeah its pointless. sorry @sl1ck, learn c or lua.
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