Read wii disc partition on pc
November 20, 2012 11:53AM
I'm trying to write code to read wii isos (I know wit and other tools can do it, but want to roll my own), have made some progress but also have questions. From here I've been able to get and decrypt the partitions. And from here (search for 'Parsing the filesystem') I'm starting to get a handle on reading the files from the FST.

Encrypted partition data is arranged in groups, containing 8 sub-groups, with each of those containing 8 clusters (I say this to nail down the terminology). I can decrypt then re-encrypt (as in fully recreate the encrypted group using JUST the title key and decrypted data, cluster headers removed). How does this work for the end of the partition, where there may only be a partial group (ie a group containing less than 64 clusters)?

The 2nd link shows that the fst metadata table starts at 0x424 (edit: I mean it's a pointer to the table), with the variable length string table directly following. Other than these and the files described in the fst, what and where are other important things? From 0x0 to 0x423 inclusive, what is there and can I read any of it? The 2nd link indicates there is an apploader and a dol that's spread about the partition. It's important to get everything actually used, as I want to scrub all the padding out.

Are update partitions (and any other partition types) different to game partitions with regard to the above question? Do they have to be handled differently?

edit: The pointer at 0x420 seems to point to the start of the dol file, which I'm trying to read with this.

Is the dol file and fst contained within apploader, whatever that may be? Am I reading part of apploader when I read the fst or dol file? There seems to be a header at 0x0 in the partition, it must be called something?

edit: this helps a little regarding apploader. Anything I should know that's not there?

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Re: Read wii disc partition on pc
April 28, 2013 09:40PM
Those type of tools already exist. Use google. I can not link here as it would most likely end up with piracy rersults.
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