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Priiloader - 2 harmless tests

Posted by dacotaco 
Priiloader - 2 harmless tests
January 02, 2010 08:19PM
ok there are a few things i need to know/get tested. these are harmless tests (except maybe 2 if you dont have any other way of navigation :P ). both dols are priiloader itself (but modified) and not the installers. this is why it shouldn't harm your wii :)

Test 1 (aka priiloader_crasher_HAXX.dol) :
this test is priiloader that crashes itself (youll only see a black screen) but makes it possible to load back to HBC. now i know it should always be able to do it if you load the dol from HBC but not if its the first dol getting loaded like priiloader does (or anything that doesn't load the stub before booting a dol). Priiloader will overwrite the HBC reload stub anyway.

this test needs to be run by 2 wii's (or 1 wii if you can have HBC < 1.0.5 for a minute.)
- a Wii that still has the old HBC ( < 1.0.5) and still has HAXX as title ID. it doesn't matter if JODI is there too (hell, load the dol from JODI and press reset, if it loads HAXX its sure to work :P )
- a Wii that only has JODI as HBC title ID (>= 1.0.5)
the code will use HAXX if its found for several reasons, that is why i need it tested where Haxx is installed and where HAXX isn't installed and JODI is only found

Test 2 (priiloader_test2.dol) :
this is maybe the toughest test cause its specific
this is a test for wii's that have no wiimote synced to them and needs a wii with no wiimote synced (im talking no known wiimote for the wii, and not a wiimote that is turned off; IF that would make a difference...) so sync it somewhere else if you can and boot this dol using a GC controller or something
note: please disable autoboot settings before running the dol. we need to be in the priiloader menu for this

once the dol is loaded, wait 15 seconds and press reset (make that 20 to be sure, you probably will be counting faster then a real second :P )
if the reset boots system menu ( im guessing the "system menu is corrupted" will pop up all borgled, dont worry. that happens if you boot system menu from ios36, which priiloader was using since you loaded it trough HBC) then that is good to go :)

ALSO, if you feel like it and meet the requirements:
run test2 (no need to have no synced wiimotes, this is HBC related. not the reset button stuff) on a wii that only has HAXX installed and try to load HBC from priiloader menu
it *should* work, but extra testing shouldn't hurt right? :)

link : http://www.nyleveia.com/daco/priiloader_tests.zip

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