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Testing Corner

Trying to iron out some bugs? Get your brew tested by others here! 
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Beta Testers   (Pages: 1 2)

by Arikado
6,2352107/13/2013 01:01AM
Last Post by JjStAr

Asteroids Clone

by owen
2,2601007/13/2013 08:55PM
Last Post by JjStAr

Ncard auto updating wii gamercards

by minus_273
4,077804/14/2013 07:26AM
Last Post by chris

Wii internet browser

by gave92
2,397501/03/2013 11:55AM
Last Post by gave92

WiiSCU 0.24

by SifJar
7,083710/05/2012 01:11PM
Last Post by pl3416

Wire3D 1.1-beta (Input System)

by antibyte
2,211208/10/2012 04:11PM
Last Post by pboechat

AnyRegion Changer 1.2

by bg4545
3,179308/04/2012 06:53PM
Last Post by bg4545

commandeerMii - take controll of miis

by giantpune
4,475905/29/2012 12:24PM
Last Post by SifJar

If you need a simple hardware Wii NAND programmer, you may look at this beta

by pcfree
12,750804/30/2012 07:33PM
Last Post by divubi2004

TEVSL, "TEV shading language" -- call for testers (development tool)

by puppeh
4,042903/17/2012 12:48PM
Last Post by puppeh

gb4gb, now working!

by Daid
11,5831101/22/2012 08:57AM
Last Post by rexlaw

Newo Shooter - wii homebrew game

by owen
4,4031808/30/2011 05:01PM
Last Post by owen

Custom HugoGX

by gukid
2,913108/01/2011 04:42AM
Last Post by gukid

testing gravitii control styles

by g_man
3,7911306/18/2011 02:02AM
Last Post by g_man

Deadpool HBC theme

by technoman
4,243706/05/2011 02:42PM
Last Post by technoman

Corsix-TH ported for wii

by tueidj
4,994805/27/2011 01:26PM
Last Post by P_carambanal

Mii's on HomeBrew!! need a few test before release.

by mdbrim
6,1631601/20/2011 05:54PM
Last Post by chris

pussieLoader testing - system menu rebooter to run from bannerbomb

by giantpune
5,1061711/26/2010 10:24PM
Last Post by BostonWiiGuy

Wii gameboy emulator test drive...

by Daid
4,027509/29/2010 07:41AM
Last Post by bg4545

Unnofficial AnyRegion Changer 1.2 and AnyTitle Deleter 1.1

by bg4545
3,8671309/14/2010 06:33AM
Last Post by bg4545

Theme HBC

by newlife
3,799809/10/2010 09:46PM
Last Post by newlife


by newlife
3,149609/03/2010 11:03PM
Last Post by newlife


by pokeglobe
3,466205/28/2010 12:51AM
Last Post by giantpune

Libwiispirte level cretor

by ForgottenLinkz
3,168205/25/2010 01:55AM
Last Post by dan3008

Priiloader 0.4 beta

by dacotaco
8,379503/25/2010 11:56PM
Last Post by jbc007


by pokeglobe
3,627103/21/2010 08:36AM
Last Post by pokeglobe

Unnamed Full brick fixer   (Pages: 1 2)

by pokeglobe
7,2592903/21/2010 06:59AM
Last Post by pokeglobe

Alien Puzzle Wii - Final Stages of Testing - Updated 3/25/10!

4,524303/20/2010 06:08PM
Last Post by GEMISIS

Priiloader 0.3 Beta

by dacotaco
6,247701/23/2010 03:40PM
Last Post by NeWbrEEd

Wiindows OS Boot Demo

by AllRight
5,1251301/11/2010 11:41AM
Last Post by Arikado

Priiloader - 2 harmless tests

by dacotaco
4,118101/02/2010 07:19PM
Last Post by dacotaco