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Posted by pokeglobe 
March 21, 2010 09:36AM
FixMii is a tool to fix all kinds of bricks if you have Bootmii as boot2.
Sometimes when you get a banner brick, you get a new wii and forget about it. You may forget the Title/Delete the "wad".
It will let you browse your titles and delete whatever you want but IOS & Sysmenu.

Sometimes you delete your system menu and you notice, "Hey! I can't sync my wiimotes! :("
It will let you Download/Install the system menu with a PAL or NTSC setting.txt

Most of the time you screw up with the region. (Semi brick)
It will let you install a system menu of choice.

Not all of this is done but it is a WIP.

What I have done SO FAR is... ... Fix full bricks.
I just started this 2 days ago, I lost it yesterday and I started it over today.

It is now stable enough for people to test (I think...)
You can grab it at the bottom of the page.

IOS36 with Signing bug and ES_Identify
SD Card
Homebrew channel
Bootmii (Boot2 ONLY! Priiloader wont save you from this)
Uninstalled sysmenu
Gamecube Remote
Wifi Connection

Warning :
Always be sure to have Bootmii as boot2 installed. Otherwise, don't run this program.
Chances are, it wont do TOO much damage if it fails, but it's not a risk you should take.
(I am not responsible if you damage your wii with this btw)

[www.mediafire.com] - NTSC

Creds: (Random order)
WaxyPumpkin72 - Idea (sorta)
tona - Some code
Xuzz - Some custom codes
Waninkoko (Banner at top lol)
cactusjack901 - Main testing
Bushing - Patchmii
teknecal - HTTP Download example

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