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Testing Corner

Trying to iron out some bugs? Get your brew tested by others here! 
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Priiloader - 2 harmless tests

by dacotaco
4,989101/02/2010 08:19PM
Last Post by dacotaco

Homebrew Card Manager, testerz and PC utils needed

by hunterm
6,3441212/30/2009 07:42AM
Last Post by hunterm

WiiSCU 0.23

by SifJar
4,314712/28/2009 05:56PM
Last Post by moonscapex

SNEEK v2 closed beta sign up

by SifJar
4,206412/03/2009 06:18AM
Last Post by slyfox299

Snes9x cover mod... please test me

by giantpune
7,857812/02/2009 07:09AM
Last Post by joe_263

Dop-IOS mod   (Pages: 1 ... 14 15 16)

by SifJar
48,23730411/23/2009 10:34PM
Last Post by Arikado
This topic has been moved.

Finding a Cios 249 installer that works with gc controller

by shaqdiezal
  This topic has been moved.

WiiSCU 0.24

by SifJar
3,742310/31/2009 04:38PM
Last Post by SifJar

SDL game testing using Dolphin problem [black screen]

by Slappy
6,525509/03/2009 01:53PM
Last Post by SteelSLasher
This topic has been moved.

libwiisprite not linking correctly..?

by aguywithsocks
  This topic has been moved.

remote file descriptors [Updated: now with windows driver]

by punto
3,162708/16/2009 07:04PM
Last Post by thiagolr

Need people to test Piko's QuakeGX

by Piko
3,892306/30/2009 04:39PM
Last Post by Yoghurt

Is there a Wii emulator so I can test homebrew Wii on the PC

by Videogamer
13,3231906/20/2009 09:30PM
Last Post by scanff

Wii NAND Ghost Pack (RealWnP) ask for beta tester

by pcfree
6,020206/11/2009 12:36AM
Last Post by Cappo

RealWnW 0.2 beta preview, anyone want to test?

by pcfree
3,284506/03/2009 11:50AM
Last Post by pcfree

Front end for Wiisend (Wiisend.exe)(luccax.drunkencoders.com)

by Trubbleguy
3,733305/15/2009 12:28AM
Last Post by kalakoi

Libwiisprite Widescreen fix?

by agoaj
3,667203/05/2009 09:23AM
Last Post by agoaj

GC Homebrew Launcher

by seandgibbonsy
4,538310/13/2008 09:52AM
Last Post by blasty

BlackJack test

by WiiPhlex
4,048508/24/2008 04:38AM
Last Post by WiiPhlex

Gamecube anyone?

by scognito
3,855408/20/2008 10:11AM
Last Post by mr_nick666