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Libwiispirte level cretor

Posted by ForgottenLinkz 
Libwiispirte level cretor
April 14, 2010 09:15PM
Guys, i'm starting on a new homebrew game and founded the need to make a level with a collision map.
The after starting coding i realised that it would be easier to to just use libwiisprites TiledLayer. So i started to create a windows app that'll make life easier for me.

So i thought of sharing this with the community. Mind you this is just a first version and i will be editing it along the way. The only functionality that is in there now is to create a picture using a tilemap and generate code from it.

you can download it here

Things yet to do:
- Tiles to add to the background are way to small... need something other then a listview
- Edit/delete etc.
- Tag tiles as collision

Let me know what you think!
Re: Libwiispirte level cretor
May 25, 2010 03:55AM
Needs a browsing screen to open tilesets and backgrounds, but other than that its very good ;) A+
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