BOOTMii news
February 17, 2009 02:38PM
here's the read:

Re: BOOTMii news
February 17, 2009 03:30PM
Actually, the boot checker doesnt work for me. It tells me I have 3.4 when I actually have 3.2 After discussing this on the IRC, it turns out that Waninkos Downgrader doesnt actually downgrade everything like it claims to.
Re: BOOTMii news
February 17, 2009 05:55PM
Not surprising, considering Waninkoko's reports... Did you tried another method (AnyRegion Changer, maybe works) ?
Re: BOOTMii news
February 17, 2009 06:38PM
Anyregion changer doesnt work on 3.4, so I'm assuming it wont work with my Wii now. Also, after accidently (little sisters ftw) being put on 3.4, I can use gecko os reboot with hooks, or reinstall patchmii. After "downgrading", I still cant. In fact, I'm not even sure what the downgrader did except change the firmware number on the wii settings screen.
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