OK, so I was on my way home from Florida today, and when the jet (a 737-400?) flew through a cloud, it felt like a burst of speed. But doesn't a jet engine need air to mix with fuel and be ignited to produce thrust? Wouldn't a cloud, being moisture, mix with the air and make it produce less thrust? Perhaps it actually makes it better with a little water? I would like to know because this is perfect fodder for my science teacher, who if we keep talking long enough, won't give us any work.....fat bastard. Anyways, i would like to know if anyone can explain this.The following lines is stuff i figured out, if i was hallucinating from lack of sleep, i don't know.

The 737-400's idle (when we were about to take off) sounds like the post engine fire sound of a podracer in episode 1 racer (or it did at 6 in the morning on thursday), you know, the neeneeneeneenee sound. If i was hallucinating, tell me.

Even if you board the same model plane for both to and from trips, the bathroom always seems to move from front to back. Does Southwest airlines do that just to annoy me?

The terminal always seems longer if you have about 10 seconds to run past 22 gates to make your flight. I did make the flight, but i had to sit in between 2 old guys.

Ever look across an aisle and see people from different parties doing EXACTLY THE SAME THING!?!?! 2 old guys were sleeping, 2 rednecks were watching movies on iPod classics, and in my aisle, i was playing my DS phat and a kid next to the window played nba on a psp. screw NBA, i was playing yoshi's island for the gba.

In a side note, is the DS version of yoshi's island any good?
perhaps the burst of moisture actually caused the plane to jolt suddenly and at that speed created the illusion of accelorating.

But Asking your science professor sounds like a good plan to get out of work!
I dont think Florida is redneck country.
I dont think Florida is redneck country.

that depends on where you are in Florida!
ummmm, i was in ocala and starke. like 2 hrs north of orlando. And i saw that every other vehicle on the road had spinners or was a lifted ford pickup with a flag on the back, so i'd say it was redneck country. I was there for the drag races. I know that nobody in my grade besides one chick knows what that is, so you can't blame yurself for not knowing. But that ckick actually drives these things (but has no license???).

And DrLucky, that teacher doesn't even check our homework individually, so i have one paper i hold up every time and he gives me credit for it. And his tests are so easy for me but everyone else complains, even though all i do in class is read popsci and play game boy. That's the only class i get away with it in. The reason the kid next to me doesn't rat me out is i let him play if he wants. I sit in the back, so that helps too. I love hearing a chick fatter than he is provide laugh effects to Medabot AX Rokusho. I know im screwed up, so don't bother telling me. But i do have a n 89 in that class. I think the last time i studied for any test was 6th grade. i kid you not. But i still won't give any hint to my age and grade because no one will believe me. ever. ever.
I'm pretty sure if you're underage you can get a special license to drag race..
uh yeah i know. it's called jr. dragsters. Nothing like letting 8-year olds loose in a race car, even if its top speed is only 75mph. (STILL not hinting at my age) =)
Youre 14, right?

Only been to Orlando in Florida and never saw any rednecks, but I'll take your word for it.
hell, ill just spit it out. i turned 13 a month ago. im known around my friends as the nerd, hacker, geek, starwars-nerd, but all these are true. oh well. I just have to admit that when DrLucky said professor ithought he thought i was a lot older than i am. nahhhh. but my friends can't get over the fact that i shit on every remake they play. its cuz the GBC and N64 versions are much better. but most of them are the oldest in their family, so they don't know different. not me though. my brother is going to WPI in the fall. but then again, he doesn't have his front teeth.

And there's rednecks everywhere in Starke. Half the houses were trailers, and a 2-story house was unheard of there. i saw lots of africans with boomboxes on the street though. hmmmmm... rednecks AND the ghetto?? THAT's new. =)

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Starke sounds great!

.........'n maybe the rednecks all turned up for the drag meet?
yeah, miii, there were like 100,000 people there on saturday, the parking lots lifted fords as far as the eye can see. that and four door cobalts with spinners and turbo. there were lots of sleeveless shirts and accents too. Nothin like getting a hotdog and hearing the cashier say "Y'all have a nice day now, ya hear?" and we went to a steakhouse in starke that had everything spelt as it sounds, so they had "chicken fangers" and "mashed taters" and the like. starke is still way better than orlando, simply because people in orlando don't pass you unless you're in a passing zone. In starke there were cars passing us on a 2 lane road seconds before a car in the opposite direction came by. And you wouln't believe how many blacks there were! I saw a black woman leading 7 kids in identical shirts. i think it was so she didn't lose them right? lol. ahhhhh...i love florida. and texas. but only because my friend dodson lives there.

EDIT: the ultimate redneck expierence was when a pro mod car crashed and burned, it got quiet......TOO Quiet...

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