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Supposed "unsoftmoddable Wiis"

Posted by WikiFSX 
Supposed "unsoftmoddable Wiis"
July 13, 2009 06:17PM
So, these are LU64s, right?

And somehow, they are "unsoftmoddable". To me, it just looks like they don't ship with any Trucha-capable IOSes and they do not have vulnerable boot1s.

Are these the only differences? They seem perfectly softmoddable for most legitimate purposes.

Sorry to ask, it's just that I have seen no clear information on these.
Re: Supposed "unsoftmoddable Wiis"
July 13, 2009 06:23PM
They are indeed perfectly hackable for HBC purposes. However they wont work with "softmod" tuorials i.e. softfail tutorials. This is because I believe they brick if they have downgraded IOS or something. I dont really understand it. But there are now "fixes" for these Wii's and people can "softmod" their LU64 Wiis, leading to an influx in the number of fail tutorials on GBAFail's "Wii Hacking" forum. It's actually kinda funny how many people post "the ULTIMATE guide to softmod" or similar title (always with ultimate in caps).

But basically, for legal purposes, you can do pretty much anything on these Wiis, besides install BootMii as boot2, but that is just recent Wiis in general, not specifically these "unsoftmoddable" ones, which are only LU64+ Wiis I believe.

EDIT: It appears the "fix" is a hacked bootmii sd card setup, and bootmii IOS. i will not discuss such things here of course, but it seems that with this, most "softmod" stuff is possible. by which i mean you can stuff your wii full of fail.

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Re: Supposed "unsoftmoddable Wiis"
July 13, 2009 06:29PM
Yeah, it would seem as though only the pirates were having problems with LU64 Wiis. However, they seem to have found solutions already...
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