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Open letter to Tantric...

Posted by PANMUSIC 
Open letter to Tantric...
August 14, 2009 04:34PM
First of all,congratulations for your hard work on the Wii Homebrew scene.I admire your work and I trully appreciate your dedication to accomplish near perfect emulators for whatever system you wish.
My topic of discussion is what are your goals and plans for the next day.
Your SNES and NES emulators are nearly perfect and the VBA status is very advanced,With a little optimisation for some games(like Megaman Zero series or Boktai) and a possible cheats addition,VBAGX will be alsmost perfect.
I am really curious what you are planning to do next.As far as I understand,you could set the barrier higher with your next projects.And there are a lot of things that you could really shine.For example,the Wii scene really needs a functional Neo-Geo emulator.Or you can aim for something even more challenging like a Saturn emulator(if a N64 emu is possible,then why not Saturn?).With your passion and knowledge,you could take any new projects and lead them to perfection.
Can you share with us your future plans,please?
Re: Open letter to Tantric...
August 15, 2009 12:46PM
You could PM him or send him an email or something, how do you know he is going to find this thread, its not as if he knows that someone wants to send him a maessage
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