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Posted by mdbrim 
September 04, 2009 09:49PM
So there I was a year or two ago, playing Mario Kart Wii online and some guy used a Bullet Bill right off the start line and thus gave me my introduction to cheating online... I was determined to find out how he did it (not because i wanted to cheat too, but because it obviously meant he had modded his wii some how)

So i used google to type in "Wii MarioKart Cheat Online".

After sifting my way thru a bunch of youtube videos and links, i stumbled across this site. Thus my introduction to Homebrew! I followed the instructions, and before you know it I was downloading homebrew and playing apps and now making them.

Only now thru this forum have i discovered all the other "fail" ways that people hack their Wii... those unfortunately souls whose google searches led them to the bad sites and they've ruined / bricked their Wiis... i was LUCKY that i found this site.

Point of this novel:
I just recently got an iPhone... and because i know what i now know and don't think i would get lucky again, i don't necessarily want to just plug in Unlock iPhone into google and blindly trust the first site i come across.

Any of you guys have iPhones that you've unlocked? any good, trusted, non "fail" sites that you guys use/trust for unlocking iPhones? I found a wiki page (like this one) for the iPhone but don't know if it's trustable. Any one with iPhone unlocking experience that would know about "brick rates" for modding the iPhone...

I love my wii and i was lucky that i stumbled across what i consider to be a good safe wii "hacking" website.
I love my iPhone and would like to enjoy an equally safe "hacking" experience!!

Re: iPhone!
September 04, 2009 09:56PM

Its lead in part by bushing and marcan.

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Re: iPhone!
September 04, 2009 10:12PM
Yep infact I am typing this from my iPhone right now. I used all their tools to unlock and hack it (jailbreak)
Re: iPhone!
September 05, 2009 04:49AM
awesome... thanks Arikado... i'll check it out.

I might be picking your brain later TopGun!
Re: iPhone!
September 09, 2009 11:41PM
I am getting an iPhone from work in th near future, and i have permission to jailbreak it (because I'm in IT) but it is a 3GS so i have some work to do!
Re: iPhone!
September 09, 2009 11:45PM
Actually you can jailbreak the 3GS just like any other iPhone (minus the unlocking). Just use redsn0w 8.0 and then use ultrasn0w to unlock it. Just like the 3G...
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