FCE Ultra GX (Wii homebrew) - Regarding .CHT files.
September 05, 2009 08:50PM
How do I make a .CHT file? I want to make a cheat for A Nightmare on Elm Street for more continues but have no clue how to make or apply .CHT files. I tried looking everywhere for .CHT codes but I run into Gameboy Advance related codes.

Are making .CHT related to GameGenie codes at all? Not really sure how to apply. :(
Re: FCE Ultra GX (Wii homebrew) - Regarding .CHT files.
September 06, 2009 08:44AM
Everything you need to know to cheat your ass off on FCE Ultra GX.

First you don't need to use .cht files (they are optimal, but not necessary).

This is the largest list of precreated .cht files:

If your game or code doesn't exist there then go here:
This is the largest list of game genie codes.

Using Game Genie Codes in FEC Ultra GX:

This is where I found the game in question:
SUELSUVS Infinite lives
PAUVEZLA 1 continue
TAUVEZLA 6 continues
PAUVEZLE 9 continues
AESSLAEA Don't lose 'zzz' when hit
AAXOLAPA Don't lose 'zzz' when standing still
ZAXOLAPA Lose 'zzz' quicker
IEULIGLA Mega-jumping teenagers

Now with these codes in hand you can easily cheat your way to 9 continues.
You should have a folder named "fceugx" on the root of your Wii SD card. If not create one. In this folder are three other folders; "cheats","saves" and "roms". Into this folder, along side the other three folders, you need to place a file called "gg.rom". This is as the name states the Game Genie Rom("Game Genie (Unl).nes"). Just rename it to "gg.rom" and copy it to "/fceugx/".

Once you have done this, every time you start a game with FCEUGX, you will first load into the Game Genie. From here you can enter the above code and start the game with it applied. But if you want in game control over your cheat, you are going to need to use .cht files.

Creating .cht Files:
There are several method of doing this, but I have found only one to work all the time.

First download fceux-2.1.1.win32.
Don't worry linux users. This work perfectly well in wine and the cheat management system is much better.

With FCEUX 2.1.1 running on your computer open the rom you wish to cheat. ("Nightmare_on_elm_street.nes")
Select "Debug" from the top menu then select "Game Geine Encoder/Decoder"
A new window will pop up. Enter you Game Genie code in the upper right hand corner titled "Game Genie Code" ("PAUVEZLE"). Now click the "Add To Cheat List" button and then close the "Game Genie Encoder/Decoder" window.
To check and see if your codes are in the Cheat List. Select from the top menu "Tools" then "Cheats". This will pop up a new window displaying your cheat. Finally close this and exit FCEUX 2.1.1

Using .cht Files:

On exit FCEUX 2.1.1 will create the file "Nightmare_on_elm_street.cht" in the "/fceu-2.1.1.win32/cheats/" directory.
If you open it in a text editor it will read "SCea38:09:03:PAUVEZLE".
Copy this files to the "/fceugx/cheats/" directory on your Wii SD card. (Or if you found one at Zophar you can use that.)

With your cheat file in place start the game with FCE Ultra GX. If the game genie loads just press plus to skip it. Press "Home" click "Game Settings" then "Cheats". Click your cheat to "On" then "Go Back" and "Close". Now play your game and cheat away.

Creating .cht file takes some time, but allows you to turn the cheats on and off during the game. In a situation like a cheat for 9 continues. The cheat can work in one of two ways. Either the cheat will constantly update the continue number to 9, or you will start with 9 instead of the usual number. If the second is the case you can always get another 9 continues, by turning the cheat off and on. This works best in a game like "Super Mario Bros. 3". You can create a .cht file with multiple codes (ex. Frog, Raccoon and Fire Mario). Then by turning the codes on and off during the game you could switch between the characters. If you where using Game Genie codes you would be stuck with one the whole time.
Re: FCE Ultra GX (Wii homebrew) - Regarding .CHT files.
September 09, 2009 10:55AM
Thanks a ton! This helped! Sorry for posting the topic in the wrong sub-forum.
Re: FCE Ultra GX (Wii homebrew) - Regarding .CHT files.
September 09, 2009 11:21PM
Your post was in the correct forum to begin with. Why it got moved here I'm not sure.

"Info, discussion and support for existing Wii Homebrew applications"?
Re: FCE Ultra GX (Wii homebrew) - Regarding .CHT files.
September 13, 2010 12:20AM
How to Create Cheat Files for NES Wii Emulator Games Using fceux-2.0.3.win32

NOTE: You must download the fceux-2.0.3.win32 software to create Cheat Files.

1) Look up NES Game Genie Cheat Codes: [www.gamegenie.com]
Could just search Google too for the games your looking for. It's best to copy the codes to a text file so you also have a description of
what that code is for - you'll need it later!

2) Start the NES PC Emulator software $\fceux-2.0.3.win32\fceux.exe

3) File - Open Menu and select the location of the NES ROM game your looking to create a cheat file for.
AKA: $:\fceux-2.0.3.win32\roms

4) The NES games are actually called *.nes files. You will have to drill down into the .ZIP file
and folder to select the .nes game file to open the game.

5) Once the game start screen starts to play in the emulator, you can begin to input the cheat codes by:
a) Select the Debug menu -> Game Genie Decoder / Encoder menu
b) Select the text and copy the code you wish to enter. [ Select + Ctrl+C ]
c) Paste the code into the box: Game Genie Code
d) Hit the button 'Add to Cheat List'.
e) Repeat steps b - d for all the codes you want to create a cheat file for.
f) Once all the codes have been entered for that particular game,
click the Red X in top right of the Encoder / Decoder screen to close the window.

6) Verify the codes were input correctly:
a) Back in the main emulator screen (where the game is playing), select the
Tools -> Cheats Menu.
b) All active cheat codes should be listed on the left. Double check they are input correctly.

c) If you find there is a problem with a code, you can select each code and click 'Delete' to remove it.
Go back to Step 5 to re-enter via Encoder / Decoder screen.

Once verified, close the Cheats window by click the Red X.

7) To generate the *.cht file, select the File -> Close menu to shut down the emulator.
This will create the actual cheat file (*.cht) for you.

8) Cheat files will automatically be saved to the folder $:\fceux-2.0.3.win32\cheats
NOTE OF IMPORTANCE: The name of the cheat file may not be the right name to actually work!
Go to the $:\fceux-2.0.3.win32\roms folder and find the .ZIP file of the game that the Cheat file was created for.
You must copy the name of the game's ZIP file and use that name to re-name the Cheat file exactly as that .ZIP.

9) Once you verify that the Cheat file name and the game's ZIP file are the same, you will need to copy the cheat
file over to the Wii's SDDrive. The cheat file should be placed here: SDDrive$:\fceugx\cheats


OK hard part over, now here's how to enable the cheats!!

1) Start the Wii's HomeBrew Channel and select the NES Emulator.

2) Select the game you wish to play that a cheat file was created for above.

3) When the game starts, IGNORE the Game Genie screen that comes up (if you have the gg.rom installed) - you could put codes directly in, but your stuck with those cheats and only 3 allowed at a time. That's why we use the Cheat Files!!
We can now turn game cheats on and off, and select however many we want!!!

Use the + sign (Start Menu on an NES controller) to bypass the Game Genie screen.

4) Before starting the actual game, on the Wii remote, hit the HOME button to bring up the NES Emulator menu.

5) Select the Settings button and then select Cheats button.

6) A list of all the cheat codes are now listed with automatic 'off' status. Using the list of cheats created
for the game (here is where the code descriptions come in handy) choose the code you want to enable! Note you can disable too.

Now I'm not sure about all games, but in many cases you can enable/disable codes while your in the middle of playing!
Just follow the steps above.

7) Close the Emulator's Menu window and begin playing!!

Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy!!!

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September 13, 2010 04:24AM
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