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Dose anyone know of a program to convert a video so I can watch it on my digital camra

Posted by smash_legend 
I need to convert an MPEG or FLV. file so I can watch it on my camra the same way I can watch a video I just recorded

I am going on a youth retreat to muscoka woods it's all fun EXSEPT for the 3 houre bus ride thare
we are not allowed to bring any game sistems or mp3 players or anything lyk that
but we are allowed to bring a camra, and I can't get in trouble if thare is one of my fav tv shows on my cam(drake and josh)
anyway,PLZ post if you know any good programs and maby a link to ware I could download it (even a demo(as long as it converts the whole file))

Depends on what formats your camera supports.

You can find a load of video conversion tools and tutorials here -- [www.videohelp.com]
the best converting program is SUPER@
it will convert anything to anything else... but you need to find out what kind of video your camera makes... best thing to do is record a few seconds, copy that vid to the computer and then see what format, bitrate, and resolution it is...
And your camera's battery has to last long enough to watch it. Good luck. Bring a book instead.
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