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Why not?

Posted by kingghaffari 
Why not?
October 12, 2009 10:23PM
Although this is probably a newb question, I wasn't sure if i should posted it here of there.
At the moment i see three things. Bootmii, Preloader, and Starfall. Although they are all great. None are perfect. Personally, i cannot program anything. But i want to ask why no one has made something that not only puts itself in front of the system menu, but turns it into a channel. Like. A new system menu, with a disc launcher, channels, the system menu as a channel, and password protection. it this even possible?
Re: Why not?
October 13, 2009 12:27AM
Are you talking about simulating the Wii Menu features in an homebrew app? To be honest, I also thought about that once. It's possible, but complicated.

Anyway, if you want just an System Menu replacement (but not similar to it), there is Freedom:


EDIT: elaborating about the "it's possible" part, the biggest problem, as I see, is displaying the banners. I don't think this have been done before.

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Re: Why not?
October 13, 2009 03:51AM
Well. Yeah im talking about the homebrew app (system menue replacement) running through boot2. I've tried freedom it... it sucked. All it did was remove my system menu....

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