Should I get a PS3?
November 24, 2009 08:22PM
Simple question: should I get a PS3? I've been a Nintendo fan for practically my whole life (and will continue to be so), but I was thinking of getting another game system. And, since I'll never support Microsoft, why not a PS3? This question is mainly for those who have a PS3 or have great knowledge of it. What are all of its features? What are some great games for it?

I know that it has a Bluray player, can stream movies with Netflix, can download movies, games, TV shows, and (I think) music (basically, it's like iTunes. Heck, I remember reading a tech news headline stating that PS3's Playstation Network is supposed to be competition to iTunes). As far as games look, COD:MW2 and MGS4 look interesting.

I'm not entirely sure just yet on this idea, but I just started getting an interest in it about 2 weeks ago. I know this forum's not exactly about PS3 or PSP, but I want to see what you guys have to say about this. Any input is appreciated!

Also, 100 posts! w00t!

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Re: Should I get a PS3?
November 24, 2009 08:38PM
I have a PS3 pretty good all round console. My particular favourite game is The Orange Box (actually 5 lol), ironically it runs better on the 360 though. Lol. Also, the Ratchet and Clank games are good. You might find them a bit too juvenile though.
Re: Should I get a PS3?
November 24, 2009 09:01PM
Should I get a PS3?
Re: Should I get a PS3?
November 24, 2009 10:03PM
The only reason I want to get a PS3 is to get inFamous. Otherwise, I would get a Xbox 360. (WOOT!!! The Orange Box RULES!!!)

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Re: Should I get a PS3?
November 24, 2009 11:16PM
Here's the question: do you really want a PS3 and what it has to offer? Is it worth the money?

That's the question you should ask with every console. If the answer is yes, get it. If the answer is maybe, think it over. If the answer is no... you get it.
Re: Should I get a PS3?
November 25, 2009 07:31AM
Perhaps you should look at it from my perspective

How many games do you want that are on it (in my case, 2, MGS4, and because I'd be getting it for MGS4, GTA4, because I'm not gonna buy a 360 for that, 2 games for 1 console... not worth it)

Would you use it as a media center (in my case possibly, but probably not, I have an Xbox with XBMC and I use it to stream all my music and movies over SMB from an iMac G4 with a burnt out backlight that I have in my room. I may use it as a media center in my living room, rather than move my Xbox back and forth as I do now)

If you got a PS3 Fat, would you install Linux (in my case, HELL...YES.. I have an old IBM Thinkpad T21 that I'd love to reinstall Linux on, but due to it having a dead monitor, I need to connect it via VGA to the TV in my living room and for whatever reason, X doesn't like my TV)

Would you use it as a Blu Ray player (in my case, probably not, since it'd sit in the Living Room, where we already have a blu ray player)

Just ask yourself questions like this, and you'll find yourself an answer. As you can tell, for me, not worth it, but to each his/her own.
Re: Should I get a PS3?
November 25, 2009 07:15PM
Hey, I have one and I love it. I use mine for gaming, Blu-ray, as a media center, and multiple things. I think that if you want a PS3, then get one. Just make sure you are going to use it a lot. It all depends on how much you think you will be needing it.

Also, remember to do a little research on what models do what. If you want to play PS2 on it, you'll need to buy a used 60 GB model because only it supports it and they don't sell it in stores anymore.
Re: Should I get a PS3?
November 25, 2009 07:32PM
Simple question: if a stranger came up to you in the street and offered you either a PS3 or the value of a PS3 in cash, which would you take? If you'd take the PS3, go ahead and buy it. If you'd take the money, dont buy it. Simple question to ask yourself to avoid buying something you'll regret.
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