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bootOpera Flash Game Packages

Posted by SifJar 
bootOpera Flash Game Packages
December 17, 2009 10:27PM
Hi there. I have been very interested by the development of bootOpera, and its ability to open Opera to any site. I have been meaning to do this for a while, but have just got round to it. What I have done is started packaging my favourite flash games into HBC compatible packages using bootOpera. So far I've only done a few, but they have customized icon.png and meta.xml, and I intend to do more soon, which I will add to this topic. I thought it would be nice to have somewhere these can be downloaded. I have not got round to testing them on the Wii yet, but here they is anyway:

Unreal Flash - [www.mediafire.com]
Unreal Flash 2007 - [www.mediafire.com]
Clash 'n' Slash - [www.mediafire.com]

Installation instructions:

Download the file.
Extract the zip.
Copy the apps folder inside to the root of your SD card, selecting yes if asked if you want to continue.
Then just run HBC, and the game should show up.

You may wish to use Catergorii or Homebrew Sorter to seperate your flash games from your other games and apps.

Please feel free to submit your own packages, I can add them to this post to make them easier to find.

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Re: bootOpera Flash Game Packages
January 01, 2010 01:24PM
cool.. going to test this out.. :)

I think I might make some games to wen I get some time... xD

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