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Has NDSi Homebrew been looked into?

Posted by yoshicircuit 
Has NDSi Homebrew been looked into?
December 09, 2008 02:52AM
You'd think someone would attempt digging into the imported DSi to look for possibilities of hacking. Really, with BootMii being made and custom channels, you'd think these could be ported to the handheld by the use of an SD card. Not easily, of course, but Twiizers has had more than enough experience with getting custom applications through to Nintendo's hardware. Tell me if I'm wrong, but I believe that the DSi could bring so much more possibilities to the world of Homebrew.
Re: Has NDSi Homebrew been looked into?
December 09, 2008 05:45AM
I'm not sure that BootMii and "custom channels" have anything to do with the DSi.
The DS had a large homebrew following, though, and almost assuredly someone will be hacking it. There are lots of interested parties ATM.
Re: Has NDSi Homebrew been looked into?
December 09, 2008 08:40AM
It has, a Japanese coder by the name of Yasu I think actually got DS homebrew running from the SD slot but he didn't release anything because he's afraid or piracy, or something like that from what I can gather. I think someone else will get there eventually and release the exploit, as tona said there are a lot of interested parties. Obviously all the DS flashcart makers have an interest in getting their stuff working on the DSi too; AceKard or something already have a new cart for the DSi. This isn't as cool as having a homebrew channel like on the Wii but it's a stepping stone at the least.

Also, I was just looking at the 25c3 page that marcan linked to on hackmii and they mentioned that they're doing to have some DSi's there so something might come out of that too. Wow, seeing the 25c3 page makes me realize that the whole Wii homebrew thing is only a year old. It's amazing to see how far it's progressed, from just a hacked save file that crashes your Wii and lets you play Tetris to a whole homebrew channel and Linux and BootMii.
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